Governor speech instalation day in Valencia

Equipo distrital 2019 rotary

Governor speech instalation day in Valencia

Goodnight, It is my desire to begin this speech by showing my gratitude to all Rotarians and rotaracters who are accompanying me. It is a pride for me to be here with all of you, I get goosebumps when I see the large number of Rotary friends who are present tonight, giving me their trust and support (they inform me that we are more than 170) and I get excited perceive an atmosphere full of companionship, enthusiasm for the new Rotary year and much, much positive energy. Every July 1st, the governor who assumes the direction of the district faces a new challenge. For many months we have endeavored to design the work plan of the district team, in line with the new international Rotary strategic plan called for this year ROTARY ACTION PLAN with 4 important goals. 1- Increase our impact 2- Expand 3- Improve the involvement of participants 4- Increase our ability to adapt.   In order to meet the needs of a changing world, large organizations must adapt to a rapidly changing environment and Rotary as a leading global service organization does so as well. There are two concepts that appear constantly today, INNOVATION AND FLEXIBILITY. They are pillars of the new Rotary Action Plan. But the real job of shaping Rotary’s future lies in our clubs, where the organization must do everything possible to adapt to the changing reality of the present. What does not change and remain our core values ​​that define Rotary. COMPANION, INTEGRITY, DIVERSITY, SERVICE AND LEADERSHIP. As I announced in the district Assembly in Valencia, The work theme for 2019-2010 will be TOSAYTODO (“DECIRHACER”), which implies the commitment to comply with what is agreed and that is not only a personal commitment, but morally obliges the entire District team It is my intention to take the direction of the district with “soul of company and heart of service” that is, a way of management and team organization, eliminating the individualities, working together, with clear and achievable goals, developping of our spirit of service and work, in the growth of the community with a range of proposals, as the new strategic plan and Rotary’s future vision Connects the World tell us. It is clear that it is time to make some fundamental changes. The time has come to put into practice what we already know. We are people of action, people who in addition to changing the world, we are able to turn inspiration into real and lasting changes. An exciting challenge that, respecting our past, opens us to the future, allowing us to evolve and work in a different way. From our district, next year we want to INCREASE OUR IMPACT by focusing our programs and products and improving the ability to reach and measure impact. We want the projects we carry out with the help of TRF to be increasingly important and visible. We want to EXPAND, grow and diversify our membership by opening our arms to young people, creating new rotaract clubs, supporting their efforts and ideals, seeking more presence in universities increasing Rotary’s openness and appeal. Respecting the idiosyncrasy of traditional clubs, we want to IMPROVE THE INVOLVEMENT OF PARTICIPANTS by supporting the actions of clubs that go in that direction, we will design a training plan for clubs with membership advisors in the 10 areas of the district. We have three clearly defined objectives for maintaining and growing membership in the district. 1.- Grow through innovation in current clubs that wish to change. 2.- Grow by forming new and different clubs. 3.- Grow by incorporating the rotaracters, whom we should treat as Rotary members.   In addition, we will offer new opportunities for personal and professional connections within and outside our district. We will promote the slogan «People of Action», which is a reality in our clubs and we will initiate projects with specific actions. But as noted earlier, in this increasingly changing world we have to INCREASE OUR ABILITY TO ADAPT, develop a culture of research, innovation and flexibility, adapting to new challenges. Respect for the environment is increasingly present in our community and all actions aimed at caring for and improving environments will be a concern from the district, so we want to coordinate a district action in this regard, led by rotaracts with The collaboration of the clubs. We also want, following this purpose of adaptation, to optimize governance, its structure and its processes, reviewing those that can encourage the inclusion of more diverse perspectives in decision making. The intention, in short, is to build a stronger Rotary so that more Rotarians, rotaracters and all members of the Rotary family provide the world with a better service than ever before. The goal of a Rotary leader should never be to achieve as much as possible for himself. For a true leader, the goal must always be for all of us as a team to achieve the greatest possible achievements. And in this increasingly divided world, Rotary connects us all. Rotary makes it possible for us to connect. And in this exciting new year 2019-2020, through innovation and flexibility with sensible and timely changes, we will try to make Rotary not only relevant, but prosper. I want to transmit you my illusion to make it possible. A big hug.  

Arturo Alagón Valderas

Governor 2019-2020

District 2203