Letter form the Governor, Arturo Alagón – December

Letter form the Governor, Arturo Alagón – December

Arturo Alagón, Gobernador distrito 2203 Rotary 2019-20

Flexibility and Innovation is what will lead us to the future. Remember that those who survive are not the strongest but those who adapt and this is as valid for individuals and businesses as for organizations like ours. Let’s not be afraid of changes if they are to make us a more lively and dynamic organization. Values ​​remain, performances change. This month is the time for close projects and friendly dinners, which reinforce the bonds of Tolerance and Fellowship that should prevail in our clubs. But it is also a month to fill our hearts with the projects with which they are invisible and forgotten. Many clubs are starting to work in social soup kitchens, visiting nursing homes or asylums or as the Rotaract have had other years, walking the streets at night giving food, hot drink or shelter. When you receive this letter, the “people in action” bibs will be delivered to put you in your actions as a club. Please use them and send a photo to Jesus Macario But it is also a time for gifts and we have many solidarity offers with which to look good with ours and donate for our projects. Do not miss the possibility of using the project on the page www.regalaesperanza.es. In this regard, I want to tell you that the caps with the “End polio Now” logo have reported a total amount of € 4,740 that will be sent to the polio plus program on behalf of the 32 clubs that in total have bought 1,554 caps. (each according to the quantity purchased). Finally remind you that Rotary dedicates this month to disease prevention and treatment. Within the areas of interest this is the most used in global grants. According to the LFR published report, in 2018, more than 35 million dollars were allocated worldwide in this area. I also inform you that this month we are launching applications for the 2019-20 district grant for clubs that are planning to participate and whose instructions you will receive the club presidents shortly, if you have not already done so. I want to finish reminding you that my motto #DECIRHACER, is also to wish you the best for these days, all my affection and all my love for you and your families in these endearing days. Merry Christmas! We are still close, working as a team!

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Arturo Alagón Valderas

Gobernador 2019-2020

Distrito 2203