Letter from the Governor October 2019

Arturo Alagón, Gobernador distrito 2203 Rotary 2019-20

Letter from the Governor October 2019

  Dear friends, We have left a complicated month for many populations. The floods have caused significant damage to the area of ​​Onteniente, Murcia and Vega Baja. But this has also been the opportunity, to demonstrate that our slogan ROTARY IN ACTION is a real commitment. There have been many Rotary volunteers who have put on their boots and have taken mops and rakes. It has also demonstrated the ability of some Rotarians, business owners, who have not hesitated to make donations in kind to help those affected. As governor of D2203 I feel proud of all of you. I have had the opportunity to know firsthand your effort since from the first days I was meeting with the presidents of the clubs and assistants of the governor of the affected areas, to make the decisions together. You already know that the district has created an official account in the “FHRE” so that all who wish to collaborate can do so at this account number ES77 0049 0356 53 2310635868. But we enter October, a month that Rotary dedicates to community development. Surely you can detect in your surroundings those opportunities that are needed to give opportunities to entrepreneurs or young people trained and solvent to whom good advice or sponsorship will be enough to make them leaders for the development of the environment. Spend some time talking about it at your meetings. And I can not fail to mention that on October 24 the world day for the eradication of polio is celebrated. A joint worldwide Rotary project, for which we are recognized in the highest international institutions of government and of which we are proud to have undertaken. Many clubs are already designing and performing acts related to it. Remember to reflect it on the international Rotary website. This year, our district must be very active in raising society’s awareness of Rotary’s involvement in the fight against polio and the need for their collaboration to finish eradicating Polio. As for me, I will continue to make official visits to the clubs and end the training cycle for the Rotarians of the district trought the Seminars that will be celebrated in Valencia and Almoradí. I must confess that I am very satisfied and I feel very happy with the response received from you and your respective clubs, I have found much collaboration and enthusiasm for this Rotary year.  

Something we are doing differently and that hooks !!

A greeting full of positive energy.  


Arturo Alagón Valderas

Gobernador 2019-2020

Distrito 2203

Governor letter October 2019