Letter of Governor November

Letter of Governor November

Arturo Alagón, Gobernador distrito 2203 Rotary 2019-20

Dear friends. Welcome to November, During this month I will continue to visit clubs almost daily, month full of satisfaction for the positive response received from you, full of enthusiasm and proactivity for this 2019-2020 Rotary year. I am convinced that working together we will take actions to strengthen the District and therefore Rotary. The opportunity you give me to share your projects and appreciate the enthusiasm with which you face each challenge, is really a reason to be very satisfied and grateful . Christmas dates are approaching and it is usually a time to design many small and large actions in nearby environments. Therefore, during this month we are going to start the “people in action” project that I have been talking about during the seminars. The bibs are already prepared and throughout this month they can be sent. Use them for any performance that as a club or  groups, you do for the community. No action is small, we never know the impact it may end up having. Take a picture and send it to Jesús Macario. We want to demonstrate the work that this small army of Rotary volunteers can carry out throughout the year. This month is also the one chosen by Rotary to dedicate to The Rotary Foundation, the essential arm for projects in our organization. Remember the word that defines us, SHARE, which reminds us that projects are best carried out, with everyone’s effort and that our donations are used wherever they are most needed. Our contributions complement the budgets of all subsidies, both district and global, that we design ourselves and that it must be an individual and club pride to be able to end the year with a personal and / or collective recognition for having participated in the TRF funds. On November 9, the “Rotary Day at the United Nations” will be held in New York, an event that usually brings together more than a thousand people and is open to all Rotarians. Act that recognizes the work of Rotary for Peace in the world and reminds us that as an organization we participate in the preparatory work of his birth. If you have time, please read the articles about it published on the My Rotary website. I want to end by reminding you that the “Regala Esperanza” project is already underway and activates its website www.regalaesperanza.es. There you have the opportunity to make Christmas gifts and give funds to TRF on behalf of your club. Use these advantages. Keep it up, that’s the right way. Something you are doing that hooks!


Arturo Alagón Valderas

   Gobernador 2019-2020

           Distrito 2203

Letter-Governor November